Dance called "Legong Dance" at the Palace of Ubud. Ubud-Bali. Traditional balinese dance in Ubud. There are many Balinese dance performances to see in Bali, sacred dances can be subdivided into various groups such as temple dances, Pendet dance, Rejang dance, Barong dance, Legong dance, Sanghyang dance and Kecak dance. The sacred dance Pendet and Rejang dance will be held when the temple anniversay. Mostly for visitor they like to see Barong Keris Trance Dance, Kecak Fire Trance Dance and Legong Dance. Combination Legong dance with other dance, Mask dance and Barong dance with instrumental group music. Legong dancer will dance by beautifull girls wearing colourfull cloth. The dance performace held in outside courtyard of Ubud Palace with background huge closed gate, start at 7.30 pm till 9.00 pm. Everyday they show different kinds of Balinese dance in this place such as Ramayana Ballet, Mahabarata Ballet and Spirit dance. Included to see this dance with other tour destination Ubud Village Tour. The Barong is a mythological being in Bali that takes the form of a four-legged wild animal. This wild animal was the totem animal or the animal protecting the Balinese people before the Hindu relegion entered the island, because of the function as protector, the Barong is said to be manifestation of good forces which will always fight the manifestation of evil forces, the Rangda, who take the form of a frightening she-devil. The Barong Dance has always been popular in Bali. It is danced by two men, one man dancing the head and forelegs and other playing the hind legs and tail. The wel-known barong in Bali are the Barong Keket, the Barong Kalekek and Barong Landung. The dance performance show in the morning at Batubulan Village start at 9.30am taken from the Mahabarata epic, you can include to see this dance with other tour destination Volcano Tour, Bedugul Tour, Besakih Tour and Ubud Volcano Tour.

November 22, 2017 4:51 PM (UTC+8)