Suzy | Lifestyle: ‘Breaking’ news but Lee Min-ho, Bae Suzy silent

Lifestyle: ‘Breaking’ news but Lee Min-ho, Bae Suzy silent

June 6, 2016 10:09 AM (UTC+8)


suzy bae and lee min ho

Hallyu star Lee Min-ho and K-pop candy Bae Suzy had been keeping their relationship status under wraps for a while. Now, a flurry of unconfirmed reports are spreading the rumour that the adored pair might have already broken up.

CSN reported that Suzy is seeing someone from her past and is said to be rekindling an old romance. Yibada also said the singer-actress is patching things up with an ex-boyfriend. It has been reported that Suzy and her ex-boyfriend have unresolved feelings and the two were spotted together going on dates.

Suzy was interested in another person before she started dating Lee Min-ho a year ago, Fashion & Style reported. However, the latest rumours have not been confirmed. It is not the first time such Suzy-Lee break-up rumors have surfaced.

Her affair with Lee Min-ho had been remaining a mystery. Earlier this year, media reported that their relationship was healthy and going good, much to the relief of their fans. But after that there has been no update on their affair.