south korean dramas | Lifestyle: Teaser sets scene for romantic-thriller 'W - Two Worlds'

Lifestyle: Teaser sets scene for romantic-thriller ‘W – Two Worlds’

June 17, 2016 2:47 PM (UTC+8)


A romantic drama loaded with suspense and thrill, the supernatural plot of “W – Two Worlds” seems to have the best of both worlds!

The first trailer for the MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday series sets the scene for a mysterious plot, in which lead actors Lee Jong-seok and Han Hyo-joo enter each other’s world.

The writer of time-travel dramas “Nine” and “Queen Inhyun’s Man” returns with the new supernatural series about parallel universes – one is the real world as we know it and the other is a fantasy realm – that exist in the same space and time, Drama Beans reported. It turns out to be a romance between a man and a woman living in two parallel universes.

Lee Jong-seok plays Kang Chul, a super-chaebol worth trillions, and Han Hyo-joo is Oh Yeon-joo, a surgeon who’s on a mission to find her missing father. And, when these characters meet, the two world’s collide. What happens after that becomes a suspense-thriller.

W - Two Worlds

The teaser opens with an extraordinary action sequence, where Kang Chul tackles a group of men scrupulously and single-handedly. Yeon-joo is in another and unfamiliar world, frightened and running around. Then a battered Kang Chul asks in a voiceover, “Oh Yeon-joo, where are you right now?”