Lifestyle: What’s Kooking, Song Joong-ki?

July 18, 2016 12:41 PM (UTC+8)



Where’s Song Hye-kyo? At Shanghai, it was an exhibition of bromance between Song Joong-ki and Kim Jong-kook.

song 2

South Korea’s new drama king Song Joong-ki, during his recent fan meeting at Shanghai, showed off some love for his close friend Jong-kook, who appeared as special guest for the event. Joong-ki revealed his body secret, crediting Kim for his sculpted look in “Descendants of the Sun” that fetched him the star status.

Jong-kook was happy about Song Joong-ki’s recent rise in popularity.

Joong-ki, Jong-kook and Lee Kwang-soo are best friends “known for boasting their unconditional bromance and indubitable support for each other,” according to IBTimes.

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Kwang-soo wasn’t there but still the duo made it an interesting event. Joong-ki showed off his acting skills, while Jong-kook shouldered him. IBTimes quoted Joong-ki as saying: “I got a lot of help from Jong-kook when I was preparing for my drama. When I got the role in ‘Descendants of the Sun,’ he taught me all the exercises [I needed to know]. I’m very thankful to him,” he said.

Not just this. A photo of Song Joong-ki elicited a lot of “envious” comments from female fans because he was holding a beautiful female fan in his hands–Xingxing, the baby daughter of Korean actress Zhang Ziyi, Yibada reported.

Pictures of Song Joong-ki and Jong-kook were also released to tease their fans. Those pictures apparently showed Song Joong-ki and Kim Jong-kook engaged in a contest to find who could spin faster while holding their noses and the first one to finish sits on a stool. Song won the race.


The next day, Kim Jong-kook posted a bromance photo of the two – taken before the fan meet–with his arms around Song Joong-ki, reported Soompi. He then posted the picture on his Instagram account with the caption, “I’m really happy that this guy is doing well. He’s a good guy. Loyal. I hope he and Lee Kwangsoo do even better in the future. My dongsaengs.”