This picture taken on February 7, 2015 shows a supporter having her photo taken in front of Shan State Army - South (SSA-S) soldiers during Shan National Day celebrations at their headquarters in Loi Tai Leng, in Myanmar's northeastern Shan State. The Shan National Day marks the unification of many Shan principalities into a single Shan State in 1947. The SSA-S is one of the largest rebel groups in Burma and fights in Shan State for self-determination of the Shan people in Myanmar. Though a ceasefire was signed in 2011 sporadic fighting continues between the SSA-S and the Myanmar army. Myanmar's government on February 12, 2015 held a somber ceremony marking the nation's symbolic unification after the colonial era, but a coveted ceasefire with ethnic rebel groups remained out of reach as conflict sweeps across northern borderlands. AFP PHOTO / KC Ortiz / AFP PHOTO / KC Ortiz

July 28, 2017 1:20 PM (UTC+8)