South Asia | US presidential hopeful's 'done with Indian-American' remark prompts Twitter storm

US presidential hopeful’s ‘done with Indian-American’ remark prompts Twitter storm

June 25, 2015 10:47 AM (UTC+8)


(From Reuters)

Louisiana Governor and US presidential candidate Bobby Jindal caused a Twitter storm of jokes and insults in India on Thursday after he said he dislikes being called an Indian-American.

Republican Jindal is the first person of Indian origin to join the US presidential race. During his campaign launch on Wednesday, Jindal said he was “done with” descriptions that identified Americans by their origin, ethnicity or wealth. “We are not Indian-Americans, African-Americans, Irish-Americans, rich Americans, or poor Americans. We are all Americans,” the two-term governor said to loud cheers at the event in a suburb of New Orleans.

The comment, however, was interpreted by some people on Twitter as an attempt to distance himself from India. Read more