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TPP turns back on green safeguards
The US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would be the largest trade agreement ever negotiated, appears to be rolling back environmental safeguards, according to a WikiLeaks release covering the ultra-secret multilateral negotiations.
- Carey L Biron (Jan 17, '14)

Free markets aren't for everyone
How Asia Works: Success and failure in the world's most dynamic region by Joe Studwell
Creating the right conditions for economic transformation of an underdeveloped country is as easy as one, two, three, starting with land reform to unleash the power of small farms, argues this important book, which focuses on North Asia's success stories, contrasting them with Southeast Asia's failures. - Muhammad Cohen (Dec 23, '13)

Trade talks raise medicines concerns
Largely secret United States-led talks to create a Pacific-wide free-trade agreement this year are raising fears that it will cost developing countries access to relatively cheap healthcare by choking off production of generic drugs by extending monopoly powers on drug patents. - Jared Metzker (Jul 17, '13)

ASEAN market integration
a tough call for members

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations is preparing for integration of the region's markets. Attaining remaining politically sensitive goals is proving laborious, with the pace-setting economies of Philippines and Indonesia proving notably tricky. - Julius Cesar I Trajano (May 8, '13)

US faces hard battle to secure Asia pact
Asia-Pacific countries are facing a tough choice - sign up to trade pacts that essentially exclude either China or the United States. While the Beijing-led grouping was the favorite to succeed at a Washington conference this month, the US "pivot" to Asia means the White House will redouble efforts to secure more support for its own initiative. - Parameswaran Ponnudura (Feb 7, '13)

Australia's changing Asia trajectory
An Australian government White Paper makes clear the increasing economic and strategic importance to the country of Asia and Asians. Decades after Canberra's retreat from a "White Australia" policy, the document still shows a lack of concern on how to build Australia-Asia relations that are beneficial to both sides rather than treating Asia as little more than a place for "making money". - Purnendra Jain (Nov 16, '12)

'Brand US' key to pivot in Asia
Asian demand for Apple's iPhones and iPads exemplifies the region's support for "Brand US", in contrast to the association of "Brand China" with counterfeit or products and aggressive business practices. It is US business tradition and culture that America's pivot to Asia should more fully embrace. - Curtis S Chin and Jose B Collazo (Nov 2, '12)

The 'myth' of Asian management
Countless volumes have been written, and numerous PowerPoint presentations compiled, to look at whether managing in an Asian environment differs from managing in a Western environment. Close study reveals, however, that most alleged differences are matters of nuance rather than substance. - Raja Thuraisingham and Antony Feeny (Sep 14, '12)

Europe offers path for a nuclear Asia
The relatively incident-free transition to Kim Jong-eun's leadership in North Korea still leaves the country's nuclear program a point of deep international contention. Those seeking a breakthrough on the issue could find inspiration in the experience of the European Community's post-war efforts to regionalize the management of civil nuclear power. - Sangsoo Lee (Sep 13, '12)

East holds out feeble recovery hope
The recent Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Vladivostok highlighted the potential of the Asia-Pacific region in jumpstarting the stagnating global economy. At the same time, the geographically vast, economically diverse, and politically polarized region faces many obstacles that make economic growth anything but certain. - Yong Kwon (Sep 12, '12)

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