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Taiwan university, US firm battle fraud

KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan - US-based Microseal LLC and the I-Shou University in southern Taiwan have signed a memorandum jointly to develop micro- and nano-technologies for anti-falsification use.

Li Yien-chie, director of the university's research center, said the school's cooperation with Microseal, which is well known for developing sculpturing with micro- and nano-technologies, will help increase the commercial applications of this technology.

For example, Li added, Microseal's sculpturing with micro- and nano-technologies will give every product its unique and nearly invisible "fingerprint" that cannot be falsified. Therefore, the technology can be applied to numerous products, including identification cards, passports, visas, banknotes, jewelry, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Fu Shen-li, president of I-Shou University, said that in addition to offering equipment and experts in engineering, administration and legal services for the cooperation program with Microseal, the school will set up an exclusive research and development center for further application of Microseal's products.

Fu said the university also welcomes the cooperation from other companies interested in this field.

(Asia Pulse/CNA)
Aug 30, 2003

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