Obayashi to make electricity from garbage 

TOKYO - Obayashi Corp is preparing to launch clean development mechanism (CDM) operations. The CDM system, outlined in the Kyoto Protocol, makes it possible to obtain greenhouse gas emission trading rights by engaging in energy-saving activities in developing countries.

Obayashi recently looked into a CDM business proposal based on a waste-processing site in Thailand and confirmed its feasibility. The plan is to recover gas, chiefly methane, from the processing site and use it to generate electricity.

The company determined revenues and expenditures for the proposal assuming operation from 2007-2016. It sees initial investments in power generation equipment of 120 million yen (US$1 million). It expects sales of power generated from the recovered gas to be 250 million yen. In addition, the firm expects the methane gas collected over 10 years to be the equivalent of 550,000 tons of carbon dioxide. It expects trading in the emission rights to this CO2 to yield an income of 140 million yen.

Obayashi is now making preparations to move forward on the development of the operations. With domestic demand for construction down, it aims to develop CDM projects abroad.

(Asia Pulse/Nikkei)
May 9, 2003


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