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Japan's Mitsui to invest in nanotech projects

TOKYO - Mitsui & Co plans to invest 4 billion yen (US$35.7 million) over the next five years to develop new businesses in the environmental and medical fields based on the exploitation of nanomaterials.

In the medical field, nanotech materials will be used to devise ways of manufacturing drugs from biomass efficiently. The project will also seek to find a way of combining inorganic materials with proteins for applications in regenerative medicine.

Nanotech materials will also be used to develop microorganism-monitoring systems aimed at improving the environment.

As part of this project, Mitsui will increase the capitalization of subsidiary Device Nanotech Research Institute Inc.

Outside scientists, including a professor at Waseda University, will also participate in actual research.

The trading firm plans to turn profits in the future by licensing technologies and selling some of these businesses outright.

(Asia Pulse/Nikkei)
Sep 27, 2003


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