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Funai to form R&D unit in nanotechnology

OSAKA - On Wednesday Funai Electric Co will set up a wholly owned research and design (R&D) subsidiary for nanotechnology, with an eye toward shifting its focus to more advanced products.

The new unit, which will be capitalized at 260 million yen (US$2.5 million), will start operations in Kawasaki with a staff of around 10.

It will be headed by Tadashi Sasaki, former vice president of Sharp Corp and current chairman of the International Center for Material's Research, which specializes in basic research in nanomaterials.

Funai Electric has sought a competitive edge through low-cost production, exploiting its overseas output network, including its Chinese bases.

The new company will apply basic research in nanomaterials to develop a wide variety of commercial applications, including medicine and next-generation thin display devices.

Funai Electric, headquartered in Osaka prefecture, will set up another R&D base there in two years, aiming to tap the results for commercial applications.

It plans to license nanotechnology to other companies, which cannot use it at present, to develop their own products.

(Asia Pulse/Nikkei)

Mar 30, 2004


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