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Google to establish R&D center in Japan

TOKYO - Google Inc, the US provider of the world's leading Internet search engine service, plans to set up a research and development (R&D) center in Japan by June.

The location will be charged with developing search engine software that is easier for the Japanese to use. The center is also expected to develop content and new services for Japan, rather than simply localize the company's English-language resources.

It is known that keywords input into search engines differ widely depending on the country or region, even if the users are searching for the same information.

The R&D center is due to be set up within the Japanese unit of Google, but will answer directly to its US parent. Its start up will likely involve five engineers from the US parent and 10-15 local engineers.

The center will be the third overseas R&D base for Google after Switzerland and India.

(Asia Pulse/Nikkei)

Apr 22, 2004


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