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Korea to build world's biggest solar power station

GWANGJU - The world's largest solar power station will be built in South Korea by 2006, a provincial government announced.

Representatives from Sun Power & Geothermal Energy Co, a solar systems design company from the United States, and Sharp Electronics Corp of Japan came to South Korea to map out the final details of the construction of the station in the coastal county of Sinan, some 420 kilometers southwest of Seoul, South Jeolla province government officials said.

Construction of the 15-megawatt solar power station will begin next February for completion in October 2006, it added.

"South Jeolla province is a blessed region, which receives the largest amount of solar radiation in the country," Park Joon-young, South Jeolla province governor, said. "The Sinan station will be the world's largest."

Sun Power will design and install the solar power systems, while Sharp will supply the cells needed to generate solar energy, the regional government said.

A total of 12 companies are seeking to establish solar power stations in the province to produce a combined 37 megawatts of solar energy.

(Asia Pulse/Yonhap)

Nov 9, 2004
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