Southeast Asia

Clean water scarce in Indonesia

JAKARTA - Only 39 percent of the people in the Indonesian cities have access to clean water through a pipeline system, a senior government official said.

This has happened because the government had limited funds for the development of water facilities, said Budiman Arief, the director general of city and village management of the ministry of settlement and regional infrastructures.

"Clean water [facilities have] not yet reached all the people in cities especially those living in slums and fishermen's residential areas," he said.

The Indonesian government has allocated Rp250 billion (US$28.6 million) this year for the development of clean water facilities in 1,100 villages in the country, which were expected to be able to serve up to a million people.

(Asia Pulse/Antara)
Apr 18, 2003

No end in sight to Indonesia's water shortage
(Oct 8, '02)


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