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Thursday August 31, 2017

State Council moves to limit private equity fund risks

Sales institutions should sell different levels of private equity products to investors according to the level of risks they can bear, Caixin reported, citing a State Council draft. The institutions should also report the leverage of private equity funds to industry associations, it said.

Quantity not the ultimate goal for central enterprise reform

There will be no quantitative goals or timetable to follow for the next step in central enterprise reform, Peng Huagang, Deputy Secretary General of the SASAC, said in an interview with the 21st Century Business Herald on Thursday.

China poised to launch new tax-deferred pension scheme

A new tax-deferred pension system might roll out as early as October this year, according to a report in Yicai. The finance minister, Xiao Jie, submitted a report to the State Council concerning the country’s budget on Tuesday, which included an item on new taxation for pension funds, Yicai reported, which signalled a move toward a new form of taxation that could be implemented as early as October.

Rental housing scheme ‘totally different’ says Land ministry

The Ministry of Land and Resources said on Wednesday that the new scheme to allow villagers to build rental housing in selected cities is “totally different” from the current houses with limited property rights, in that the former is legal and the latter is not.