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Asia Times Online comprises atimes.com, a free website, atimes.net, an advertisement-free site for subscribers, and atchinese.com, a free site for Chinese readers around the world. These are quality Internet-only publications that report on and examine geopolitical, political, economic and business issues. We look at these issues from an Asian perspective; this distinguishes us from the mainstream English-language media, whose reporting on Asian matters is generally by Westerners, for Westerners.

We are served by more than 80 correspondents and contributors across Asia, the United States, Europe and the Middle East. Additional content is provided by news services and renowned think-tank and investment analysts and academics. We pride ourselves on having no agenda other than to inform, and stimulate.

Asia Times Online was founded at the beginning of 1999 and is incorporated and duly registered in Hong Kong. It derives its revenues from advertising, the resale of original content to other publications and news services, and subscriptions to atimes.net.

Historically, in our publication policy and editorial outlook, we are the successor of Asia Times, the Hong Kong/Bangkok-based daily print newspaper founded in 1995 that had to cease publication in the summer of 1997 as a result of the Asian financial crisis.

Like its predecessor, Asia Times Online gives its readers an overview of news events in Asia and beyond, looking behind the headlines that are the staple of news agencies and networks. Asia Times Online is reaching a rapidly increasing global readership. Our readers are people of influence - investors, executives, diplomats, academics, journalists - who need to be in the know.

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