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June 13, 2002

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Australia marches toward strong Asia ties
Australia's security ties with Asia are expected to strengthen after a shakeup in the armed forces leadership and a commitment to spend more on regional defense cooperation. Leading the charge will be General Peter Cosgrove, the much-praised former leader of an international peacekeeping force in East Timor. Alan Boyd reports. (Jun 12)
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Australia-US trade pact easier said than done
As part of Australia's transition from a global player to a faithful ally of Washington, Prime Minister John Howard is on his third trip to the United States since September. At the top of his agenda this time is a free trade agreement. But Purnendra Jain points to several hurdles on the path to this goal, both in the US and at home. (Jun 10)
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Australia's asylum policy holds course
As a prosperous, industrialized society, Australia is confronted by the same challenges as the Western Europeans and Americans over how to retain control of its borders. Unlike them, Australia is the only industrialized country that still exercises a substantive degree of control over its borders and hence over its migration and refugee policies. Alexander Casella reports. (May 31)
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Ratings agency bullish on Aussie growth
Australia's growth prospects suggest it will outperform its peer countries in Europe and Asia, according to Standard & Poor's. Meanwhile, the governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia says the country's economy no longer needs the boost it received from fiscal policy. (May 31)
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Australian defamation case tests web freedom
Major international media companies are urging the High Court of Australia to overturn a lower court decision that, they argue, would have a chilling effect on free speech as publishers worldwide risk being sued in any one of the 191 countries with Internet access. (May 29)
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