INTERN AWARD - Service with a Non-Profit Organization

We are pleased to present our annual Intern Scholarship, rewarding student service with a non-profit organization. With over 10% of all U.S. jobs in the not-for-profit sector, we give our encouragement to young interns following this path.


  1. Award amount: $1,000.
  2. The funds can be used for college tuition or education-related expenses. The award is not based on financial need.
  3. Application deadline December 31st of each year. An award is given annually to a new recipient.


  1. You are at least 18 years old at the time of your application.
  2. Internships past or present during this calendar year are applicable. The internship must be with a recognized, non-profit organization. Regardless of any salary, your internship does NOT have to qualify for academic credit. Your internship may be performed abroad.
  3. You were an undergraduate or graduate student in an accredited, American university, during your internship.
  4. You are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the USA.


Submit your application via our email contact. Include the following:

  1. Your personal information, including full legal name, date of birth and current contact information (email, physical address, phone number).
  2. A 300-500 word essay (no graphics) which is original work by the applicant.
    Essay topic:
      • How did your academic studies lead you to seek an internship?
      • What do you expect to learn (or did you learn) in your internship?
      • What are your future career plans in the non-profit community?
  3. Contact information (email, phone number) for your internship reference (supervisor, professor, etc.)

Terms & Conditions: The winning essay will be selected by a panel of judges based on theme, creativity and content. By completing the application, you verify your eligibility under the given conditions. Scholarships are open to all qualified persons regardless of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or condition of handicap. You are also giving us permission to contact your listed reference. We will not share your information with anyone outside of the awards committee and will protect your privacy. The award recipient will be notified by email on January 31st, 30 days after the application deadline. Payment will follow by mail, within 30 days thereafter. The winner's name and a short bio will be posted on this webpage.