Spengler responds: economics will be huge

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It’s technically true that the economic significance of the old Silk Road hasn’t revived, but the prospects for its revival are astonishing, and I use the word advisedly. Ultimately the most important link will be between China and Europe, but the biggest economic impact will be through the economic integration of Southeast Asia and ultimately India into the new Asian economic zone. The British have gotten it right and joined China’s new Asian investment bank, over US objections. When our closest ally takes China’s shilling, we ought to concede that something important is afoot. Writing from my perch as an investment banker for a Hong Kong firm, I would argue that One Belt/One Road may be the most important economic development of the next decade or two.

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David P. Goldman
David Paul Goldman (born September 27, 1951) is an American economist, music critic, and author, best known for his series of online essays in the Asia Times under the pseudonym Spengler. Goldman sits on the board of Asia Times Holdings.