Lalita Ben Bansi, 26, and Ravi Shankar, 27, got married in Thane on May 24. Photo: Hindustan Times
May 25,2017, 1:07
A Pakistani man forced an Indian woman to marry him at gunpoint, an Islamabad court heard on May 24. Photo: iStock
May 25,2017, 12:40
A double-decker bus in Mumbai in 2005. They were taken out of service in Bangalore in 1997. Photo: iStock
May 25,2017, 12:09
A United States green card. Photo: iStock
May 24,2017, 11:49
Sheena Bora's murder was investigated by Mumbia police officer Dyaneshwar Ganore, husband of  Deepali Ganore, who was found murdered early on May 24. Photo: PT
May 24,2017, 8:28