A 60-year-old man has become the fifth person to die while hiking in Hong Kong this year. He and eight others had set off from Wu Kau Tang in the northeastern New Territories. The man collapsed and did not regain consciousness after being airlifted to hospital. Photo: Google Map, HK Govt
Apr 17,2017, 11:56
The junction between Sheung Fung Street and Lung Fung Street Photo: Google Maps
Apr 12,2017, 12:29
A domestic helper saved two children at a fire scene in Siu Sai Wan Estate. Photo: Google Map and Wiki Commons
Apr 10,2017, 6:15
Firefighters responded to 85 hill fires that broke out during Tuesday's grave sweeping festival. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/HK Government
Apr 05,2017, 4:07
Five people were injured in a Discovery Bay ferry accident. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Apr 04,2017, 12:25
A Hong Kong man is recovering from so-called "mad honey" poisoning after eating Nepali honey bought from friends. Photo: Wiki Commons
Apr 01,2017, 7:33
A man went missing on Port Island. The search is still on-going Photo: Wiki Commons
Mar 30,2017, 6:51
Xpresscalators of Langham Place Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Mar 27,2017, 5:23
Entrance of iSQUARE in Tsim Sha Tsui where a Portuguese youngster fell from a balcony on 30/F. Photo: Wiki Commons
Mar 27,2017, 4:16
Shek O Road near the junction to Cape D'Aguilar Road Photo: Google Maps
Mar 27,2017, 1:17
Devil's Peak in Yau Tong Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Mar 21,2017, 4:18
Wing Yau House, 53-55 Sai Street, Sheung Wan Photo: Google map
Mar 13,2017, 9:19
The couple are indigenous inhabitants of the Tai O fishing village. Photo: Asia Times
Mar 07,2017, 8:05
Smoke was seen coming from an aircraft at Hong Kong International Airport. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Mar 06,2017, 4:21
A crossroads of Cape D'Aguilar Road and Shek O Road Photo: Google Map
Mar 06,2017, 2:57
Lan Kwai Fong in Central Photo: Google Map
Mar 04,2017, 1:33
Broadview Court, Shum Wan Road, Aberdeen Photo: Google Map
Feb 27,2017, 5:07