Detail from Forty Pages No 4 (digital print) by Nasim Nasr. Photo courtesy of Nasim Nasr/Sovereign Art Foundation
Apr 08,2017, 10:00
Anila Quayyum Agha's 
All the Flowers Are For Me was on show at the India Art Fair. Photo: Aicon Gallery
Apr 01,2017, 12:00
Hunter S Thompson
Mar 17,2017, 3:03
Lai Fong, Chinese Actress with Actor. c. 1870. Photo: Courtesy of the Stephan Loewentheil Historical Photography of China Collection
Mar 13,2017, 10:34
In this photograph taken on March 09, 2017, a Thai sculpture artist works on a figure that will serve as a mold where images just like it will be made to  decorate the spectacular 50 metre (165 foot) wooden pyre that is set to provide a final stage for Bhumibol, who died last October of last year. 
Aided by a jazz soundtrack, Thai artisans work against the clock scratching, moulding and shaping the intricate clay sculptures that will adorn the funeral pyre of Thailand's revered former King Bhumibol Adulaydej. / AFP PHOTO / ROBERTO SCHMIDT
Mar 12,2017, 4:28
We Spin a World by Amy Cheng, USA
Mar 12,2017
Xyza Cruz Bacani (inset) portraits people on Hong Kong streets, including foreign maids and ethnic minorities, in her photography. Photo:  Photo District News / Instagram
Mar 07,2017, 8:23
A file photo showing Chinese artist Zhang Daqian's "Lotus in the Wind" scroll painting at a 2014 Sotherby's fine Chinese paintings spring sale. In 2016, China established itself as the global superpower with Zhang Daqian's works proving especially popular. PHOTO: Agence France-Presse.
Feb 27,2017