Casinos are among the lures Russia is using to promote tourism and investment into the underpopulated but resource rich Far East region. Photo: Vitaliy Ankov / RIA Novosti / Sputnik
Apr 27,2017, 6:32
A corporate branch office of Axis Bank in New Delhi. Photo: Reuters/Anindito Mukherjee/File Photo                       GLOBAL BUSINESS WEEK AHEAD    SEARCH GLOBAL BUSINESS 24 APR FOR ALL IMAGES
Apr 27,2017, 12:56
Samsung Electronic's Galaxy S8 and S8+ are displayed at its store in Seoul, South Korea. Photo: Reuters/Kim Hong-ji
Apr 27,2017, 12:21
Apr 26,2017, 6:44
Apr 26,2017, 6:24
A Chinese man works at a pump jack in PetroChina's Daqing oil field in China's northeastern Heilongjiang. Photo: Reuters
Apr 26,2017, 4:21