Rolls-Royce is the world’s second-largest maker of aircraft engines. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Mar 09,2017, 10:40
A People's Liberation Army soldier stands guard in front of a statue of the late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping at an exhibition in Hong Kong commemorating the 110th anniversary of his birth in 2014. Photo: REUTERS
Mar 04,2017, 3:37
Hong Kong's former chief executive Donald Tsang denied bail before February 22 sentencing for misconduct in public office. Photo:  Reuters
Feb 20,2017, 4:29
China's leaders have pledged to continue combating graft, seen as crucial to the party's survival, and have vowed to go after "tigers" in senior positions as well as lowly "flies". REUTERS
Feb 18,2017, 12:11
Thai police block Buddhist monks at the gate of Dhammakaya temple. Photo: Reuters
Feb 16,2017, 9:52
Calvin Lee Ka-wo (left) said he was served pangolin by Guangxi officials in 2015. Li Ning (second from left) was identified. Photo: Weibo
Feb 09,2017, 12:01
Pangolin is an endangered species in China. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Feb 08,2017, 6:18
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says God has told him to stop swearing. Photo: Reuters/Lean Daval Jr
Jan 30,2017, 4:25