Police Constable Niraj Gurung (inset) speaks in a media briefing regarding Yau Ma Tei operation Thursday. Photo: Google Maps, Facebook/Hong Kong Police
Mar 30,2017, 7:35
The 2-month-old baby is pronounced dead in the St John's Hospital on Cheung Chau island. Photo: Wiki Commons
Mar 29,2017, 7:17
Fleming Road Photo: Google Maps
Mar 29,2017, 5:38
Police busted an illegal casino with e-fishing machines (inset) on 66 Parkes Street. Photo: Youtube / Google Map
Mar 29,2017, 5:23
Chong Sui Foon and Lim Choon Hong, who were charged for starving their Filipino domestic helper, arrive at the State Courts for a hearing in Singapore Monday. Photo: The Straits Times/Wong Kwai Chow via REUTERS
Mar 28,2017, 2:53
Golden Beach, Tuen Mun, New Territories West. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Google Maps
Mar 27,2017, 7:04
A Hong Kong man called the police as he was cheated in an internet scam on Wednesday. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Mar 27,2017, 11:31
Yau Tong Estate, Kowloon Photo: Google Maps
Mar 22,2017, 3:14
Three air parcels containing 3,000 bullets were identified by the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department at Asia Airfreight Terminal. Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Hong Kong Police Force
Mar 22,2017, 3:09
The marine police (inset) takes away a headless woman body for investigation. Photo:   Wikimedia Commons, Google Maps
Mar 22,2017, 2:58
Kam Shan Country Park Photo: Google Maps
Mar 20,2017, 6:36