Kau Lung Hang San Wai, Tai Po Photo: Google Maps
Apr 26,2017, 4:36
Police arrested the duo outside this industrial building in Kwun Tong Photo: Google Map
Apr 21,2017, 5:30
The baggage claim area of the Hong Kong International Airport Photo: Wiki Commons
Apr 21,2017, 4:13
Police confisticated 1.8kg marijuana and 1.5kg hashish with a total market value of HK$750,000 (US$96,000) in a flat in Chungking Mansions. Photo: Google Map
Apr 20,2017, 3:25
The police busted another marijuana-growing site in Ma On Kong village in Pat Heung, Yuen Long Photo: Google Maps
Apr 10,2017, 3:44
Golden Beach, Tuen Mun, New Territories West. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Google Maps
Mar 27,2017, 7:04
An Indonesian woman was arrested in Yuen Long for picking up a drug parcel. Photo: Google Map, Wikimedia Commons
Mar 09,2017, 5:30
A German man and a British woman were arrested for growing marijuana in a Discovery Bay apartment with three sets of planting equipment (inset). Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Feb 27,2017, 11:30
A marijuana operation was smashed by the police in Yuen Long on Wednesday. Photo: Hong Kong Police Force
Feb 09,2017, 4:41
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says God has told him to stop swearing. Photo: Reuters/Lean Daval Jr
Jan 30,2017, 4:25
British singer George Michael performs on stage during his Symphonica tour concert in Vienna September 4, 2012. Photo: Reuters/Heinz-Peter Bader
Dec 26,2016, 9:55