Manny Pacquiao

Bigger than Pacquiao?MMA's Conor McGregor is the only man who could draw Mayweather into a fight. Photo: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports, via Reuters
Jan 12,2017, 9:17
He could have been a contender: Even Asia Times North Asia Editor Peter Langan caught a touch of bare-knuckle fever when he went toe-to-toe with Manny Pacquiao at the FCC in Tokyo. Photo: FCC Japan
Dec 15,2016, 6:35
Once again, gentlemen? Mayweather's appearance ringside at Pacquiao's November 5 WBO title fight has stirred speculation of a rematch.
Nov 06,2016, 5:10
Manny Pacquiao connects with Jesse Vargas on his way to securing the WBO title for a third time
Nov 06,2016, 3:19