Congress Party vice president Rahul Gandhi. Photo: AFP/Chandan Khanna
Nov 08,2016, 11:24
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government announced the TV ban just a day after he had attended a media awards ceremony and hailed freedom of the press. Photo: Reuters/Adnan Abidi
Nov 07,2016, 10:20
Screenshot from the Oscar malt beverage advert featuring Sabbir Rahman
Oct 25,2016, 5:42
Journalist Cyril Almeida was placed on Pakistan's exit control list after publishing his story on a rift between the government and the military over the country's anti-terrorism strategy. Picture: Twitter@Cyalm
Oct 15,2016, 10:01
Republican US presidential nominee Donald Trump is seen in a video screengrab as he apologizes for lewd comments he made about women during a statement recorded by his presidential campaign and released via social media. Reuters
Oct 08,2016, 2:54