A man was arrested for carrying knife at Prince Edward station. Photo: Wiki Commons
Apr 12,2017, 4:13
Sheung Shui MTR station was crowded with commuters on Friday morning. Photo: Asia Times
Mar 24,2017, 1:44
A man was arrested on a MTR train in Causeway Bay as he held a knife. Photo: Flicr Commons, Wikimedia Commons
Mar 21,2017, 7:56
A Hong Kong was found guilty for stealing money from MTR machines. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Mar 15,2017, 11:04
A screen grab of the video showing a passenger K.O. a peer with his backpack. Photo:MTR/Youtube
Mar 07,2017, 9:24
South Horizons Station Photo: MTR
Feb 15,2017, 11:19
The suspected attacker (on floor in right picture) has himself seriously burnt. Photo: Facebook
Feb 11,2017, 6:04
Screen grab of an MTR compartment on fire. Photo: facebook/Cathy Wong
Feb 10,2017, 7:41
East Tsim Sha Tsui Station. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Feb 02,2017, 11:15