A Thai man was arrested with weapons including a machete in an apartment in Kowloon City. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Google Map
Mar 14,2017, 5:40
In this photograph taken on March 09, 2017, a Thai sculpture artist works on a figure that will serve as a mold where images just like it will be made to  decorate the spectacular 50 metre (165 foot) wooden pyre that is set to provide a final stage for Bhumibol, who died last October of last year. 
Aided by a jazz soundtrack, Thai artisans work against the clock scratching, moulding and shaping the intricate clay sculptures that will adorn the funeral pyre of Thailand's revered former King Bhumibol Adulaydej. / AFP PHOTO / ROBERTO SCHMIDT
Mar 12,2017, 4:28
Rolls-Royce is the world’s second-largest maker of aircraft engines. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Mar 09,2017, 10:40
Champagne Court, Kimberley Street, Tsim Sha Tsui Photo: Google Map
Mar 04,2017, 1:52