The DailyBrief

Thursday April 13, 2017

Obama’s Asia legacy: There is one Obama policy that almost all center-right policy experts and politicians agreed should be continued and that is Washington’s “pivot” or “re-balance” to Asia. However, writes Harry J Kazianis , the siren song of the Middle East – this time in the form of the Syrian civil war — is crying out once again and this threatens to complicate matters.

Chinese export surge: Exports from China staged a massive turnaround in March and, together with continued rebounds in the industrial sector, the overall foreign trade sector saw its fastest growth for a first quarter in six years. Steve Wang & Benny Kung report that exports for the month jumped 16.4% from a year earlier, with shipments to South Korea, Southeast Asia and Taiwan recording the strongest quarterly growth.

Reform in Pyongyang? Officially, North Korea is guided by the socialist self-reliance philosophy of founder Kim Il-sung, whose 105th birthday is being marked this weekend, but analysts say economic change is happening. Sebastien Berger writes that the transformations that are starting are similar to the first stages of Beijing’s “reform and opening” under Deng Xiaoping in the early 1980s.

Asia, Film, Facebook! Looking back at the history of Artificial Intelligence in cinema, Pavan Shamdasani wonders if we all might be already living in the Matrix. But no matter, follow and like Asian Film on Facebook & Instagram and you’ll stay right up to date on all movie news, virtual or otherwise.