The DailyBrief

Thursday April 27, 2017

China-Finances strengthening regulations: President Xi Jinping has declared China’s financial stability a matter of national security. Asia Times’ China Digest reports that Xi’s demands for a strengthening of financial regulatory oversights indicates significant ramifications for the sector, especially for China’s shadow banking industry.

Seoul-Washington, missile consensus: When the US started setting up an anti-missile defense system in South Korea on Wednesday, it brought out bottle-throwing protesters, riot police, and a rebuke from the man who wants to be the country’s next president. Peter Langan writes that overnight the scene had changed to one of calm, after both governments acted quickly to publicly state they were that in agreement on installation of the THAAD missile batteries to counter the threat from North Korea.

Japan-Russia, Abe pressured: Shinzo Abe meets with Vladimir Putin today prompting a leading Tokyo newspaper to urge the Japanese president to ask for Russia’s help in resolving the crisis with North Korea. Asia Times reports that the Mainichi Shimbun also questioned the Japanese government’s “diplomatic skills”, asking if Tokyo can “capitalize on its own diplomatic relations with Russia, China and South Korea”

Udine Film Festival: Veteran Hong Kong director Fruit Chan was in Udine to introduce the 4K version of his iconic 1997 street-wise drama Made in Hong Kong, writes Mathew Scott. The work, reworked with the help of the Far East Film Festival and Italy’s own L’Immagine Ritrovata film restoration laboratory, paints a vibrant picture of the city’s youth unsure of the future and it is as relevant today as it was 20 years ago.